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  Boils & Ghouls

Welcome children to the landing of Sparky's Fun House.


We are very grateful that you have chosen to see who we are.

The place that you have chosen is a fun and entertaining land of horror and suspense. 

Sparky & Sniffles have worked hard to make this site the best one ever!

Please take a look around. You will be surprised to see what you will find within this site.

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Magic in the Making!

Website Updates Coming Soon!

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The Google Address is the old location.


New Address:



2022 Location?


corner of Deer Park-Milan


Milan-Elk Rd


In 2017, we won an award on the website Washington State Haunts for the most top rated!!


We want to thank everyone who rated us during the season. We could not have done it without you!

How to Pay us?

Tickets can be bought online and in person at the haunt!

Our ticketing services still offer R.I.P. passes, as well as, the regular tickets!

Our tickets are now sold within this site! We like to call them our "Death Certificates"!

Shamanistic - Kevin MacLeod

Find The Hillbilly Haunted House on Facebook for location info for
2022 season

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