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Hello, my name is Cameron Dietz and I play the role of Sparky the Clown; I am also the creator of Sparky's Fun House. I have always been a huge fan of Halloween. When I was younger, I always loved decorating my yard in preparation for trick or treaters. Sadly, none ever made there way to the street I grew up on. I kept decorating with a dream that one day I would create the most fun and scary haunted house that everyone would love to come and see! So, I started Sparky's Fun House in Spokane WA in 2016. Now it has grown each year becoming an amazing attraction! I have always loved all of the holidays and helping people! It has been a life goal to help everyone find more joy in their daily lives and with Sparky's I plan to help kick start all my future goals and endeavors! 

Prior History:

  • I was a scare actor for Scarywood from 2012-2014

  • Christmas Characters at the CDA Holiday Light Cruises, Journey to The North Pole. Elf, Rudolph, Toy Soldier, Gingerbread Man, Frosty The Snowman, and even the Grinch. 2014-2015


Future Plans:

Currently all proceeds are aimed to help find a permanent home for Sparky's Fun House. Once that has been obtained, proceeds will then go into growing the event and expanding it to more events, concepts, and ideas. All the proceeds at that point will be aimed at the first goal which is to bring happiness to those who's time is shortest on earth. I plan on saving everything and purchasing a retirement home to bring excitement, joy, and real happiness to those who really need it. From there we all will work together to accomplish further goals and continue to spread love and smiles to each and every person we see!





Let’s Work Together

Interested in helping out?

We always need more volunteers for several types of work areas!

Tel: 702-509-7277

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