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Origin of 
 Sparky's Fun House

In the dead of night, a spark was ignited. A single thought. An idea. Conscious thought that would commence a new era. The night was cold and thick with a haze. Idle and concerning as the fog danced about with certainty. The fog held figures... shapes... building up to the eventual climax. The fog cleared, to show a dim home... on the corner of a singled out wood. 


Laughter and screams rebounded from the area. Music of a frightening nature. It began. The spark. The idea.

Here we were born into the night.

Sparky, the idea, and the Funhouse the result.

About Sparky's Fun House

Sparky's Fun House is an establishment based in Spokane, WA. The haunt itself is family friendly or singularly adult only. We will switch up what we do periodically and make sure that we keep it as fresh as possible.

If you happen to bring children to this establishment; we are not responsible for nightmares or trauma they may have, if they wet their pants or have a brown bomber. Please be responsible and make

sure your kids can handle it.


Being scared is fun, but it is not fun if you are too scared to move. If by any means you need out of the establishment and brought to the front, call out "I am a Baby" or "Fluffy Puppy". 


We will respect you and help you escape.


Do not worry we are fun and friendly.

Tenebrous Brothers Carnival - Act 2 - Kevin MacLeod
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